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Miami Dolphins Football Tickets

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Miami Dolphins Football Fans

By Miami Dolphins Football Tickets

The Miami Dolphins football fans are one of a kind! They wear colors aqua, orange, and white to show their Miami Dolphins football pride. They have banners and flags and the super fans even paint their bodies to show team spirit!


In 1972 the Miami Dolphins football team was AND is the only team to ever, EVER complete a purely, perfect season. They ended up being 17-0! The Miami Dolphins football team won all 14 of their regular season games, all of their playoff games, AND the Superbowl. Although the football team itself was flawless, we know they couldn't have done this without their ever-loyal fans! The Miami Dolphins football fans are deeply passionate and loyal. The Miami Dolphins football fans energy makes the home field experience one in a lifetime.


Miami Dolphins Football Fans