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Dolphin Fans Love Twitter

By Miami Dolphins Tickets Staff Writer: R. Murray

Twitter and Dolphins Tickets:

Twitter is the new social networking website... and we've jumped on the bandwagon. Follow Dolphistix here!

Since Dolphin fans like you love Twitter - follow us for great ticket deals and upcoming game information. 


Thanks fans:

We appreciate Dolphins fans like you - maybe we will even give a shout out, retweet, or follow or two. 



Sometimes it is hard coming up with a clever tweet in 140 characters or less..... Here are some of my recent good ones! 


-We have a real celebrity following us! Thanks @ChristinaSthair, can we get a RT?

-#ThingsPeopleSayAfterABreakup sorry, you weren't a Dolphins fan

-#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked Do you like the Miami Heat? #No #DolphinsFanTilDeath